Commands of Jesus: Introduction.

Great Commission.png

In our work supporting a growing network of Missional Communities, we often quote these words of Jesus, also known as 'The Great Commission', to explain the origin of the mission drive in the church - in today's language, you could call it the church's purpose statement.

This is what we should be about.

As a brief exercise, we'd ask people to look at the elements of the Great Commission and discuss whether they think the church currently does these, or where they think the church is falling short.

It is around the last sentence that people tend to focus their discussion - Do we teach people to obey all that Jesus commanded?

Obedience as an ideal is a little out of fashion in today's world of self determination and liberation, but that is what Jesus asks for.

In this series, we're going to look at a number of the instructions and commands of Jesus and briefly think about what it would look like to follow them today.

We hope you'll follow along.