Missional Communities are a form of missional-shaped church among unreached people and places. They come in all shapes and sizes and we unpack our main 5 here.

In London we are an emerging network connected by relationships and an impetus to go and make disciples. We are communities in the Church of England led by pioneers, some are ordained and some not. We look to create spaces, gatherings and learning circles for anyone looking to pioneer, plant and grow disciples. Some may call it missional community, some Simple Church, some Households on Mission. We look different according to context but we share an organic identity that looks to send, make and grow followers of Jesus.

In this current season we work under the 'Capital Vision 2020' initiative. We are exploring what God is doing and might do through mission shaped communities across the capital. We are accountable to the Bishop of Islington and the other Area Bishops and are being released to plant 25 new missional communities in the next 5 years. This is all part of the vision to plant 100 new worshiping communities by 2020 in the Diocese of London.